Source code for ppa.archive.forms

import json

from django import forms
from django.core.cache import cache
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.core.validators import RegexValidator
from django.db.models import Max, Min
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from django.utils.html import conditional_escape

from ppa.archive.models import NO_COLLECTION_LABEL, Collection, DigitizedWork

[docs]class SelectDisabledMixin(object): ''' Mixin for :class:`django.forms.RadioSelect` or :class:`django.forms.CheckboxSelect` classes to set an option as disabled. To disable, the widget's choice label option should be passed in as a dictionary with `disabled` set to True:: {'label': 'option', 'disabled': True}. ''' # Using a solution at def create_option(self, name, value, label, selected, index, subindex=None, attrs=None): disabled = None if isinstance(label, dict): label, disabled = label['label'], label.get('disabled', False) option_dict = super().create_option( name, value, label, selected, index, subindex=subindex, attrs=attrs ) if disabled: option_dict['attrs'].update({'disabled': 'disabled'}) return option_dict
[docs]class RadioSelectWithDisabled(SelectDisabledMixin, forms.RadioSelect): ''' Subclass of :class:`django.forms.RadioSelect` with option to mark a choice as disabled. '''
[docs]class SelectWithDisabled(SelectDisabledMixin, forms.Select): ''' Subclass of :class:`django.forms.Select` with option to mark a choice as disabled. '''
[docs]class CheckboxSelectMultipleWithDisabled(SelectDisabledMixin, forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple): ''' Subclass of :class:`django.forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple` with option to mark a choice as disabled. '''
[docs]class FacetChoiceField(forms.MultipleChoiceField): '''Add CheckboxSelectMultiple field with facets taken from solr query''' # Borrowed from # customize multiple choice field for use with facets. # no other adaptations needed # - turn of choice validation (shouldn't fail if facets don't get loaded) # - default to not required # - use checkbox select multiple as default widget widget = forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): if 'required' not in kwargs: kwargs['required'] = False super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def valid_value(self, value): return True
# RangeWidget and RangeField also borrowed from Derrida codebase
[docs]class RangeWidget(forms.MultiWidget): '''date range widget, for two numeric inputs''' #: separator string when splitting out values in decompress sep = '-' #: template to use to render range multiwidget # (based on multiwidget, but adds "to" between dates) template_name = 'archive/widgets/rangewidget.html' def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): widgets = [ forms.NumberInput(attrs={'aria-label': 'Start'}), forms.NumberInput(attrs={'aria-label': 'End'}) ] super().__init__(widgets, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def decompress(self, value): if value: return [int(val) for val in value.split(self.sep)] return [None, None]
[docs]class RangeField(forms.MultiValueField): widget = RangeWidget def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): fields = ( forms.IntegerField( error_messages={'invalid': 'Enter a number'}, validators=[ RegexValidator(r'^[0-9]*$', 'Enter a valid number.'), ], required=False ), forms.IntegerField( error_messages={'invalid': 'Enter a number'}, validators=[ RegexValidator(r'^[0-9]*$', 'Enter a valid number.'), ], required=False ), ) kwargs['fields'] = fields super().__init__(require_all_fields=False, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def compress(self, data_list): # if both values are set and the first is greater than the second, # raise a validation error if all(data_list) and len(data_list) == 2 and data_list[0] > data_list[1]: raise ValidationError('Invalid range (%s - %s)' % (data_list[0], data_list[1])) return self.widget.sep.join(['%d' % val if val else '' for val in data_list])
[docs]class ModelMultipleChoiceFieldWithEmpty(forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField): '''Extend :class:`django.forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField` to add an option for an unset or empty choice (i.e. no relationship in a many-to-many relationship such as collection membership). ''' EMPTY_VALUE = NO_COLLECTION_LABEL EMPTY_ID = 0
[docs] def clean(self, value): '''Extend clean to use default validation on all values but the empty id.''' try: pk_values = [val for val in value if val and int(val) != self.EMPTY_ID] except ValueError: # non-integer will raise value error raise ValidationError('Invalid collection') qs = super()._check_values(pk_values) if self.EMPTY_ID in value or str(self.EMPTY_ID) in value: return [self.EMPTY_VALUE] + list(qs) return qs
[docs]class SearchForm(forms.Form): '''Simple search form for digitized works.''' SORT_CHOICES = [ ('relevance', 'Relevance'), ('pub_date_asc', 'Year Oldest-Newest'), ('pub_date_desc', 'Year Newest-Oldest'), ('title_asc', 'Title A-Z'), ('title_desc', 'Title Z-A'), ('author_asc', 'Author A-Z'), ('author_desc', 'Author Z-A'), ] #: help text to be shown with the form #: (appears when you hover over the question mark icon) QUESTION_POPUP_TEXT = ''' Boolean search within a field is supported. Operators must be capitalized (AND, OR). ''' # text inputs query = forms.CharField(label='Keyword or Phrase', required=False, widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={ 'placeholder': 'Search full text and metadata', '_icon': 'search', '_align': 'left' })) title = forms.CharField(label='Book Title', required=False, widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={ 'placeholder': 'Search the archive by book title', '_icon': 'search', '_align': 'left' })) author = forms.CharField(label='Author', required=False, widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={ 'placeholder': 'Search the archive by author', '_icon': 'search', '_align': 'left' })) # facets # collections = FacetChoiceField(label='Collection') # NOTE: using model choice field to list all collections in the database, # even if they have no assocaited works in Solr collections = ModelMultipleChoiceFieldWithEmpty( queryset=Collection.objects.order_by('name'), label='Collection', widget=CheckboxSelectMultipleWithDisabled, required=False) pub_date = RangeField(label='Publication Date', required=False, widget=RangeWidget(attrs={ 'size': 4, 'title': 'publication date', '_inline': True })) sort = forms.ChoiceField(widget=SelectWithDisabled, choices=SORT_CHOICES, required=False) # booleans earliest_only = forms.BooleanField(label='Earliest Edition in Hathi', required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxInput(attrs={ 'disabled': True })) ace_only = forms.BooleanField(label='Authorized Critical Edition', required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxInput(attrs={ 'disabled': True })) dict_exclude = forms.BooleanField(label='Dictionaries', required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxInput(attrs={'disabled': True})) pg_exclude = forms.BooleanField(label='Pronunciation Guides', required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxInput(attrs={'disabled': True})) # fields to request a facet from solr facet_fields = ['collections_exact'] range_facets = ['pub_date'] # mapping of solr fields to form input solr_facet_fields = { 'collections_exact': 'collections' }
[docs] @staticmethod def defaults(): '''Default values when initializing the form. Sort by title, pre-select collections based exclude property.''' return { 'sort': 'title_asc', # always include uncategorized collections; no harm if not present 'collections': [ModelMultipleChoiceFieldWithEmpty.EMPTY_ID] + \ list(Collection.objects.filter(exclude=False) \ .values_list('id', flat=True)), }
def __init__(self, data=None, *args, **kwargs): ''' Set choices dynamically based on form kwargs and presence of keywords. ''' super().__init__(data=data, *args, **kwargs) pubdate_range = self.pub_date_minmax() self.pubdate_validation_msg = \ "Enter sequential years between {} and {}." .format( pubdate_range[0], pubdate_range[1]) # because pubdate is a multifield/multiwidget, access the widgets # under the multiwidgets pubdate_widgets = self.fields['pub_date'].widget.widgets for idx, val in enumerate(pubdate_range): # don't set None as placeholder (only possible if db is empty) if val: # set max/min and initial values pubdate_widgets[idx].attrs.update({ 'placeholder': pubdate_range[idx], 'min': pubdate_range[0], 'max': pubdate_range[1] }) # relevance is disabled unless we have a keyword query present if not data or not self.has_keyword_query(data): self.fields['sort'].widget.choices[0] = \ ('relevance', {'label': 'Relevance', 'disabled': True})
[docs] def has_keyword_query(self, data): '''check if any of the keyword search fields have search terms''' return any(data.get(query_field, None) for query_field in ['query', 'title', 'author'])
[docs] def get_solr_sort_field(self, sort): ''' Set solr sort fields for the query based on sort and query strings. :return: solr sort field ''' solr_mapping = { 'relevance': 'score desc', 'pub_date_asc': 'pub_date asc', 'pub_date_desc': 'pub_date desc', 'title_asc': 'sort_title asc', 'title_desc': 'sort_title desc', 'author_asc': 'author_exact asc', 'author_desc': 'author_exact desc', } # return solr field for requested sort option return solr_mapping.get(sort, None)
[docs] def set_choices_from_facets(self, facets): '''Set choices on field from a dictionary of facets''' # Also borrowed from Derrida module referenced for FacetChoiceField # Uses mapping of solr_facet_fields and facet_fields in class # definition but does not yet import full functionality of # derrida-django's ReferenceSearchForm # The primary adaptation involves use of a dictionary of dictionaries # for facets in SolrClient vs. the functionality of # django-haystack/pysolr. for key, facet_dict in facets.items(): formfield = self.solr_facet_fields.get(key, key) # special case: collections is no longer a facet choice field, # but options should be disabled if not present at all # (i.e. no works are associated with that collection in Solr) if formfield == 'collections': new_choice = [] for choice in self.fields[formfield].widget.choices: # widget choice is tuple of id, name; check for name in facets if choice[1] not in facet_dict.keys(): new_choice.append((choice[0], {'label': choice[1], 'disabled': True})) else: new_choice.append(choice) # if there are items not in a collection, add an option # so they will be findable if NO_COLLECTION_LABEL in facet_dict: new_choice.append( (ModelMultipleChoiceFieldWithEmpty.EMPTY_ID, {'label': NO_COLLECTION_LABEL})) # replace choices with new version self.fields[formfield].widget.choices = new_choice
# normal facet field behavior: populate choices from facet # disabling for now, not currently in use # elif formfield in self.fields: # self.fields[formfield].choices = [ # (val, mark_safe('%s <span>%d</span>' % (val, count))) # for val, count in facet_dict.items()] PUBDATE_CACHE_KEY = 'digitizedwork_pubdate_maxmin'
[docs] def pub_date_minmax(self): '''Get minimum and maximum values for :class:`~ppa.archive.models.DigitizedWork` publication dates in the database. Used to set placeholder values for the form input and to generate the Solr facet range query. Value is cached to avoid repeatedly calculating it. :returns: tuple of min, max ''' maxmin = cache.get(self.PUBDATE_CACHE_KEY) if not maxmin: maxmin = DigitizedWork.objects \ .aggregate(Max('pub_date'), Min('pub_date')) # cache as returned from django; looks like this: # {'pub_date__max': 1922, 'pub_date__min': 1559} # don't cache if values are None # should only happen if no data is in the db if all(maxmin.values()): cache.set(self.PUBDATE_CACHE_KEY, maxmin) # return just the min and max values return maxmin['pub_date__min'], maxmin['pub_date__max']
[docs]class SearchWithinWorkForm(forms.Form): ''' Form to search for occurrences of a string within a particular instance of a digitized work. ''' #: help text to be shown with the form #: (appears when you hover over the question mark icon) QUESTION_POPUP_TEXT = ''' Boolean search is supported. Operators must be capitalized (AND, OR). ''' # single text input query = forms.CharField(label='Search within the Volume', required=False, widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={ 'placeholder': 'Search keyword or phrase', '_icon': 'search', '_align': 'left' }))
[docs]class AddToCollectionForm(forms.Form): ''' Form to select a set of :class:ppa.archive.models.Collection to which to bulk add a queryset of :class:ppa.archive.models.DigitizedWork ''' collections = forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField( required=True, queryset=Collection.objects.all().order_by('name'), help_text='Hold down ctrl or command key (on MacOS) to select ' 'multiple collections.')
[docs]class AddFromHathiForm(forms.Form): '''Form to input HathiTrust IDs for items to be added.''' hathi_ids = forms.CharField( label='HathiTrust Identifiers', required=True, widget=forms.Textarea, help_text='List of HathiTrust IDs for items to add, one per line. ' + \ 'Existing records and invalid IDs will be skipped.' )
[docs] def get_hathi_ids(self): '''Get list of ids from valid form input. Splits on newlines, strips whitespace, and ignores empty lines.''' return [line.strip() for line in self.cleaned_data['hathi_ids'].split('\n') if line.strip()]